Climate action is no longer optional.


Customers and employees care about your carbon. Your corporate carbon initiatives can drive consumer spending and influence top talent. This report informs on the behaviors and attitudes of the people who matter most to your organization, providing the hard data your organization needs to take action.

Explore consumer behavior and employment trends

Get actionable insights into your target audiences’ beliefs & attitudes

Gain the data your organization needs to support meaningful action

Discover the perspectives that drive profit and retention.

The people who matter to your business care about climate action. Employees and customers increasingly require you to show environmental accountability. And these demands are shaping their decisions.

Companies neutralize their carbon footprints to differentiate their brands in a competitive landscape. But do people really care about carbon action? We decided to find out with today’s consumers and the workforce’s top talent. What do they think of the climate action that organizations take? And, more importantly, how do they act on that knowledge? Their answers reveal the state of opinions on the carbon landscape –and how they impact your business today.



of the educated Gen Z workforce factor an organization’s climate action into their employment decisions.


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