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Measure, manage, and act on your organization's carbon footprint all in one place. Report to your stakeholders, comply with regulations, and deliver solutions to your customers seamlessly.

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Manage your organization's footprint over time. 

Verifiable carbon action and audit-proof regulatory compliance.

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Calculating and reducing your carbon footprint can seem stressful. Climate Vault makes it easy.

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Calculate, input, or upload your emissions data quickly and easily. Use your existing data, import past spreadsheets, or start from scratch (or all three!). 

Measuring your footprint made easy.


Your footprint is always changing. Easily make changes to your existing footprint, and add or remove sources of emissions as time goes on.

Track and make adjustments over time.


Taking credible carbon action impacts hiring, retention, customer satisfaction, and ultimately revenue. 

Show that climate action impacts your bottom line.


Achieve your organizational carbon footprint goals in days— not decades. Take verifiable carbon action with no risk of greenwashing in just a few clicks. 

Reduce your footprint with a click. 


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Report on your progress to the stakeholders who matter most. 

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Calculating and reducing your carbon footprint can seem stressful.

Climate Vault makes it easy.